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F-84G FS-226.JPG
F-84G Thunderjet, FS-229578 viewsThis F-84G 51-1226 was flown by Major Don Gravenstive, CO of the 492nd Bomber Squadron, 48th Fighter Wing, USAFE, Chaumont, France, 1952
P-51B #600.JPG
F6-C (P-51C with K-24 oblique camera compartment located behind the radiator)453 viewsMISS REVENGE
23rd Fighter Group, 118th Tac Recon Sqn./Black Lighting
December 1944

This aircraft was assigned to Major Edward O. McComas. He was the 23rd Fighter Groups only Ace-in-a-day. While CO of the 118th TRS, 23rdFG in the 14th Air Force, he shot down 5 Japanese "Oscars" on one mission, December 23rd 1944.
Fairey Swordfish Mk.1318 viewsThis Fairey Swordfish Mk.1 is marked with temporary U.S. national insignia for Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of French North Africa in 1942.
Ki-43-I Oscar.JPG
Nakajima Ki-43-I (Oscar)346 viewsThis Nakajima Ki-43-I Hayabusa (Oscar) was assigned to Imperial Japanese Army pilot Maj. Kinshiro Takeda, First Flight Regiment Commander, in October 1942 Burma.

Most of the the Model 1, Type I Oscars were used with great success by the IJA 59th Fighter Group against outdated Buffalos, Hurricanes, and P40s in the Singapore campaign.
Ki-43-II Oscar.JPG
Nakajima Ki-43-II Hayabusa (Oscar). Late Version374 viewsThe Nakajima Ki-43-II Hayabusa (Oscar) had an upgraded Ha 115 engine and refined airframe. The Imperial Japanese Army continued to rely on the Ki-43-II as its main fighter type up until the end of the war because of its efficency and simple maintenance requirements.
P-15D-15-NA383 viewsQP-J
This aircraft was flown by Major Howard D. "Deacon" Hively.
4th Fighter Group, 334th Fighter Squadron CO.
January 1945
P-40B Warhawk.JPG
P-40B Warhawk318 viewsThis P-40B was the first prototype Curtiss provided for flight evaluation at Wright-Patterson in 1940. This version was exported to the RAF and designated Tomahawk IIA.
P-40E #94.JPG
P-40E Warhawk338 viewsThis P40E, "Bob's Robin", #94, was flown by Lt. Robert H. Vaught, 9th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group, Australia, Summer 1942.

Lt. Vaught flew from a jungle air strip. On one mission, he was bitten shortly after takeoff by a snake that had crawled into his cockpit. He managed to land the aircraft and survived the venomous bite.
P-47D-20-RE nmf upper.jpg
P-47D Razorback327 viewsUnmarked P-47D Razorback in a natural metal finish as it would have appeared as a new aircraft at Republic Aircraft.
P-47D-20-RE nmf.jpg
P-47D Razorback298 viewsUnmarked P-47D Razorback in a natural metal finish as it would have appeared as a new aircraft at Republic Aircraft.
P-47D-23-RA CP-D.jpg
P-47D-23-RA, CP-D372 viewsP-47D-23-RA, serial number 42-76433, CP-D is the first aircraft of the 367th Fighter Squadron, 358th Fighter Group, 100th Fighter Wing, 9th Air Force.

It was assigned to the unit just before D-Day, June 1944. It has full invasion stripes, yet it does not have the red cowl typical of this units aircraft.The side mounted rear view mirrors are visible on this aircraft.
P-47D-25-RE 4K-R.JPG
P-47D-25-RE418 viewsThis P-47D-25-RE was assigned to pilot Major Hal G. Shook of the 506th Fighter Squadron, 404th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force in October 1944.

The invasion stripes on this aircraft have been overpainted with olive drab on the upper surfaces. Also of note, this is the only armed and operational P-47D seen without landing gear covers on the main wheels.
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